Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Capturing Light Workshop

 David recently gave a workshop called Capturing Light. We spent the weekend examining some of the lighting conditions that can occur in nature. With the use of a 9 value palette a 5 value scale and some simple instructional sheets the students were able to learn to get the lighting effects. Working from 1 photo reference David demonstrated sunlight, diffused light and overcast light the first day. Then the students chose their own reference and did the same exercise. The second day David demonstrated backlight, frontlight, and moonlight. We had a great group. Quite a few are professional painters. The intermediate painters kept right up with the more advanced painters. There was such a great energy in the room.

                                           David beginning his demonstration

Sunlight, diffused light and overcast light. Worksheet on the left.

The finished demo including sunlight done in color.

Joe getting to work.

Howard and Gray working on the exercises.

Jen with that great hat.

Mark's finished work. Nice!

Joe's finished work. Beautiful.

Gray's finished work. Awesome!

Second day demonstration.

9 value palette

We are all enjoying the demo. The young man with the camera is our apprentice, Peter.

This is backlight, frontlight and moonlight. Moonlight is in color also.

Jean, Rita and Sharon working.

Peter decided to work really big.

Some of Howard's finished work. Nice job!

Gray putting on the finishing touches.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Composition Workshop

Last weekend David gave a great workshop on composition for the landscape painter. The first day he explained to us that we would be working with small sketches or photo references and turning them into larger paintings, but first we would study different compositional possibilities and pick the strongest one for our piece. David drew many different compositional ideas using one photo reference to demonstrate. Then we took turns doing the same thing. He then did the block-in for his 24"x30" painting. Next it was our turn to do a block-in.

The next day David showed us even more ways to compose a scene. It was fascinating to see all the possibilities that could be painted from one reference. Then we took turns drawing our ideas. This could be a new parlor game for artists like pictionary.  It was really fun! Then David painted his large painting for us. I've posted some photos of the workshop.