Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stowe Vermont Event for Painting New England Preserving the Landscape Project

On February 12 we had our kick off event for the Vermont part of our project Painting New England Preserving the Landscape. We were joined by Becca Washburn of the Stowe Land Trust who arranged for us to have our paintings displayed at The Green Mountain Inn in Stowe.
Becca Washburn with her Stowe Land Trust Info

 It was a beautiful afternoon in Vermont. The Inn had tea and cookies out for their guests and people wandered in to look at the paintings and hear about our project.

I have posted some of the paintings below.

Stowe Village 11'x13" David Lussier

Mt Mansfield 11"x14" David Lussier

After the Sleigh Ride 11"x14" Pamela Simpson Lussier

Break TIme 11"x14" Pamela Simpson Lussier

Bouchard Farm 9"x12" David Lussier

Pleasant Valley 9"x12" David Lussier

Amy Rahn, a reporter for Seven Days Newspaper in Burlington Vermont wrote a great article about our Stowe Event. I have provided a link here if you would like to read it.


willek said...

Just found your blog and read all I could. It is wonderfully informative. Your outdoor work is inspiring. Thanks, Will Kirkpatrick

Ron Wilson Fine Art said...

Bouchard Farm is so strong ... man you are going from strength to strength. It's so great to see you pushing ahead. Keep it up, maestro.

Anonymous said...

Magnifique !

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